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A Guide For Your California International Marathon Training Plan

By Paul Sanders

Running a race takes a lot of energy, stamina and willpower. In order to build this up, you need to start practicing early for the race, to increase your chances of completing the race in good time. Coming up with a California international marathon training program will help you to prepare well. Here are some tips to have in mind as you train.

As much as it is important for you to train hard, do not over train. You need to include rest days in your program. This is to give your body enough time to recover from your workout. Being too tired to train will hamper your productivity and make you slower. Listen to your body and slow down when you are feeling fatigued and tired.

If you want to complete the race in time, you need to calculate the speed at which you should run. Do this by diving the distance you would like to run with the time within which you want to complete the race. Train at this speed on a regular basis. You can go slightly above this speed or below it, just as long as you don't go overboard.

Practice in identical conditions in which the race will be held. This will prepare you mentally and physically to combat the challenges that you will face. If the terrain will be hard and hilly, make sure to find similar circumstances in which to practice. Also, try and run at the same time in which the race will be conducted and under the same climate.

If possible, get a group of people to train with instead of training alone. Keep in mind that you will be running with other people during the race, so training as a group will get you used to running alongside other people. In addition, having teammates will help to keep you motivated to keep practicing even on those days that you would rather not practice.

Be flexible with workouts. Do not be too rigid on yourself. If the weather conditions are not ideal for practicing, you can consider doing alternative exercises instead. You can also reduce your workout times. For instance, working out in winter is a lot harder than in warm weather, so take it easy on yourself.

You need to stretch your body before and after your practice sessions. Stretching makes your muscles suppler. It also reduces the risk of harming your muscles during practice. Take about ten to fifteen minutes to stretch. You can even have a single day that is totally dedicated to just stretching out.

Take into consideration your nutrition and hydration needs. You need to eat enough food, so as to maintain a good body weight and to remain healthy. You also need to drink lots of water, so as to stay hydrated throughout the day. Ideally, carry around a bottle of water throughout the day and sip from it. You lose a lot of water when training and you need to replace this water in your body, so as not to get dehydrated.

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