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The Reason Why You Should Use A Backyard Putting Green

By Anna R. Bishop

For a golf enthusiast, there's nothing more enjoyable than shooting some pars on an open grassy field. A number of people, however, find themselves unable to join in such an activity and resort to using smaller substitutes, particularly a backyard putting green. This article will explain the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Using A Regular Golf Course

A golf course is usually a large expanse of land, usually with assorted terrain levels and types. It offers golfers a chance to really try out their skills at scoring real pars. Virtually every golf course is owned by a golf club of some sort, either public or private.


* It is a huge and open expanse of land, giving golfers the ability to hit a ball as hard as he or she can without worrying much about hitting anything.

* Its varied terrain gives golfers a chance to challenge their golfing skills.

* Depending on the club, you can play for as long as you wish on the course, provided that it is within reasonable hours.


* A golf club membership can be quite expensive, and some good clubs only offer exclusive memberships to certain people.

* You may find yourself being embarrassed when playing when other professionals are also there enjoying themselves.

* Its size can make it difficult to navigate for first timers, especially those who cannot afford to use a golf cart or those who often find themselves lost.

Making Use Of A Backyard Putting Green

A backyard putting green is simply a smaller version of a golf course but in your own backyard. It has greater versatility than usual golf courses, and is generally the option that people go for when thinking about playing golf. Its accessibility means it could also be easily played by anybody in the family.


* There is no membership required, so the only things you need to spend money are the materials that you need to set it up and the equipment for playing.

* It makes it easy for anyone to play golf, as you simply have to go in your own backyard to do so. There are also no professionals for you to be embarrassed by, so you can practice in your own space and time.

* There is no membership required, so the only things you need to spend money are the materials that you need to set it up and the equipment for playing.


* Its size is limited by the size of your backyard, so you have to always be careful with your swings, especially when in a small backyard.

* Some types require a lot of maintenance to keep it in playing order.

* It can be tricky to set up and takes time.

Overall Conclusion

In general conclusion, a backyard putting green is a better option than using a normal golf course, at least at first. While it might be a little pricey to put together, it is a one-time payment and you will be able to practice and hone your skills for as long as you would like. After you have gained enough confidence and have saved enough money, then you can try out for a real golf club membership.

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