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Golf Mental Game - Use 3 Mental Strategies to Shoot Lower Than You Ever Have Before

The golf mental game is perhaps the most overlooked and most important part of becoming a better player. We all know we can use some better thoughts on the course, but what are some real tricks to use? Use these 3 mental tricks and focuses to help you shoot lower scores than you ever have in the past.

1) Play YOUR Game, Not Someone Else's- This is so tough. This is an allegory for all of life! We can get caught up so much in what someone else is doing, how they play that chip, how they make all the 5 footers, how they approach and play the hole...we forget to concentrate on what we want, and that's to play a good round!

Take your own thoughts of how you want to play a hole, how you want to play a shot, and stick with it! Sure you can learn from other people and adopt their approaches to things. However, after that, it's time to focus on you and your ability to pull it off. 

There are an infinite number of ways to make good scores on each hole. Be fine with being where you are in your abilities and just try your best.

2) What's My Next Shot? - Instead of blaming every bad shot on outside circumstances, whether that means someone was talking, or we had a bad thought, or a gust of wind hit... the ONLY important thing at the present is "what's my next shot?".

Taking this almost zen-like approach is so important to playing to your true ability. Shake off bad thoughts and stay in the present moment and you'll hit each shot better.

3) Have Clear Intentions on Goals, then Forget Them- It's so important that before each shot, we know exactly what we want to do! This sounds so stupid, but is the reason for most of our bad shots.

Have a definite purpose of each shot in mind, then just do it. Forget about wanting the goal to be accomplished at that point and let your instincts take over. Give trust in your abilities to pull it off!

Greg Hanson is a professional golfer and has been writing articles about golf for about a year now. Not only does he specialize in golf, but you also check out his latest website about cheap coffee tables, that talks about all different kinds of models like square coffee tables