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College Sports in San Diego

By Michael Johnson

When it comes down to college sports in San Diego, San Diego State University is the only school in the area with a major sports program.

College Football

San Diego college football has seen some of the top coaches and players of all time. The San Diego State football team plays all their home games at Qualcomm Stadium, which is the home of the San Diego Chargers and holds more than 70000 folks. San Diego college football goes back to 1921, and the Aztecs have won three national titles in that time.

College Basketball

In 2011, the San Diego State Aztecs made history. They won two games in the tournament and became one of the last 16 teams remaining in the game. The 2011 year was for sure the best year off all for the Aztecs. Prior to that year, they did not advance for the first round in the last 6 tournaments appearances The achievement in the 2011 season should only make allowance for varsity basketball in San Diego to grow.

College Baseball

The college baseball team at San Diego State plays all their home games at Tony Gwynn Stadium. Tony Gwynn is just the most distinguished player to ever play baseball at San Diego State University, but he has additionally produced 1 or 2 MLB players during his time as a coach. His child, Tony Gwynn Jr, and Stephen Strasburg have both become quality MLB players after their time playing college baseball in San Diego.

College Hockey

The vast majority of the major college hockey programs are in chilly climate conditions cities. The chilly weather makes it very much easier to be able to practice and develop the skills needed to win at hockey. Thanks to the pleasing weather, San Diego college hockey is fairly new but it is quickly building. San Diego State is on the way to building a first class college hockey program. If the game carries on growing, then San Diego college hockey may become really prevalent.

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