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Fighting Crooks Whenever Jogging Outside The House By Yourself

By Mary A Jaager

My lungs were about to explode. I felt like my feet possessed wings as I escaped from some guy which attempted to accost me as I was running around the park. Fortunately, I wriggled free from him and was pumped and terrified enough to run away fast. I did not wish to quit running and I wished to carry on doing it by myself.

But I recognized it was time to acquire myself a pepper spray for joggers just like close friends had been telling me. I don't know the reason why I resisted it. They said self defense sprays were non deadly and left no long-term harm. Effects, like a burning discomfort in the eyes and on the skin or breathing constriction, were immediate however short-lived. This was only to safeguard myself.

I really had the wrong belief that it was troublesome to carry one around while running. Dana, a workmate, said I could opt for a small self defense spray that was easy to handle and also conceal. I could place it in my pocket or keep it in my hand.

My brother, Dan, revealed to me his key chain defense spray, which was absolutely hassle-free to utilize and bring. And, yes, he had utilized this and left a mugger curled in the alley because of the burning experience on the mugger's face.

He recommended I get the pepper spray jogger model. It was suitable for my purpose. I could simply strap it to my own wrist or attach it to my own belt bag or key chain. Dan's point was it never hurts to have some kind of protection.

Still breathless, I settled to take Dan's advice. It was incorrect to think I was immune from getting assaulted because I was simply jogging. My experience several minutes previously proved precisely how wrong I was.

I can almost picture the person yelling in pain had I used a self-defense spray on him. Or he'd probably be gagging, too, like they said.

My own jogger pepper spray is going to be my best pal while working out and enjoying my alone time.

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