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The Many Ways That Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial

By Shane McConnell

Have you ever known someone that has received a massage and boasted about how great they felt afterwards? Did you ask about the type of massage they received and they merely shrugged their shoulders and said, "You know, a regular massage."? What many people do not know is that there are various types of massage, all with different purposes.

The most common massage given and asked for by the average person is called a Swedish massage. There are two basic techniques used which aid in rehabilitating and relaxing muscles by aiding in the blood circulation that is stimulated through the massage. One type is a long and slow method and the other is shorter and uses more tapping rather than rubbing.

To really get the blood flowing, a deep tissue massage is in order, as this technique goes deep into the muscles. This is one of the most healing of all of the massage techniques and a favorite among athletes. It is used for chronic pain and strains to muscles. This particular type of massage can take some getting used to, but will relax the body and alleviate pain.

Aromatherapy massage works in conjunction with any other form of massage therapy but also utilizes the scent of oils and candles. These scents can do many wonderful things to help ease stress and tension just by smelling them. When massage is added in, the entire process becomes much more enjoyable for the person who is getting the treatment. Certain scents can be relaxing and others can offer energizing properties to stimulate rather than relax the body.

For those who prefer a light tissue massage but who still want the benefits of deep tissue massage, the hot stone massage fits perfectly. The heated stones are used to loosen up tight muscles and may be also used by therapist to create pressure to the body. The warmth comforts the patient while also gently working muscle tension without causing pain to the muscles.

Massage therapy is one of the most popular and longstanding homeopathic treatments in the world, whether used for healing or relaxation. For those who want to have a more intense massage, deep tissue is the recommended form of massage. It is always recommended that you consult with the massage therapist and even your doctor to find out which type of massage will most benefit you.

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