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Seventy - Fun And Fear With Scary Halloween Costumes

By Lukas Nathan

Scary Halloween costumes start to look all the same. Evil outfits and creepy disguises come equipped with bloodied weapons and frightening makeup. Take these components and create something new and exciting out of this popular theme. Scary Halloween costumes should be more than terrifying , they should be original!

The most difficult part of this costume is coming up with the concept you will use. If you have a basic idea of what you want it's easy to build on that than to start with nothing at all. Not all of us have the imagination required to create a truly frightening Halloween character.

When it comes to scary Halloween costumes, there are no real rules or solid components each one must have. This allows for an unlimited amount of creative input, however it also leaves some people at a standstill. Where do you begin? Well make it simple, and start with what you know.

Choose a season or a holiday - a favorite fairy tale or movie character. Watch a few horror films and note what the actors' do that sends chills up your back and take notes. Read a slasher novel or story about serial killers and take a few ideas from those.

It may take some time to solidify your ideas. Keep notes about thoughts for props or images you might create for your character. These notes can be used even if you change your mind and use a different personal for your monster and might help create a costume that is both terrifying and totally unique.

One good resource is the internet. Scour the web for scary tales-real and fiction. There are plenty of disturbing places as well, and plenty of adventurous explorers who visit and return with information and photographs that get added to websites. Do a quick search for abandoned towns or haunted places and check out the stories and images that fall into this category.

Another search could be done for scary Halloween costumes or terrifying, frightening, whatever word you wish to use. While mimicking someone else's idea is never recommended, you may find inspiration on a new design this way.

Some of the same costumes meant to have the fright factor will be seen every Halloween. We have the standard vampire, the ghost, the evil witch, the slasher or chainsaw killer, and always there is our worst nightmare....Freddie. Whether supernatural terror or more realistic axe murdered or serial killer this might be research best conducted during daylight hours.

Ideas for scary Halloween costumes are out there, if you're willing to look. There is plenty of real life and fictional people, places and stories that can provide inspiration. Combine ideas for even more options, such as a serial killer turned vampire, or an evil spirit out for revenge. Remember to be patient, eventually an idea that has never been done before will come! Rather than settle for the canned scary Halloween costumes available each year, do something unique and make or modify your own! Edited by Svetchey Sanorols

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