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Great Pro Sports in Houston

By Jeanie Owens

The city of Houston is home to one or two professional sports groups with notable players. Major league sports in Houston include baseball, football and soccer teams, as well as other sports.

Houston Texans, NFL Football Team

Of the professional sports clubs in the city of Houston, the Houston Texans of the National Football League are the most exciting right now. The Houston Texans has led the AFC South and was the fave to win the division. The Texans have a few exciting players on the line-up, including quarterback Matt Schaub, wide receiver Andre Johnson and defensive star Mario Williams.

The Texans are a young, fun squad to look at and this season looks to be their most entertaining yet. Fans have been heading to Dependent Stadium to delight in this fledgling team in style as they prove their grit on the gridiron.

Houston Astros, MLB Baseball Team

For baseball in Houston, sports fans must look no farther than the National League's Houston Astros. As one of Big League Baseball's oldest teams, the Houston Astros have fielded a bunch of top flight players across the decades. Players like Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio all donned an Astros uniform during their careers. While the team has struggled in recent times, their situation is predicted to improve because the team made trades during the season to net minor league prospects.

Baseball in Houston isn't staying in the National League, though. The Astros are predicted to move from the National League to the American League at the beginning of the 2012 season.

Houston Rockets, NBA Basketball Team

The Rockets are Houston's pro basketball team. They play their games at the Toyota Center and are an affiliate of the NBA's Western Conference. The most famous players in Rockets history are Hakeem Olajuwon and the latterly retired Yao Ming. The team won 2 titles in the mid-1990s with Olajuwon and, when Yao was healthy, were a dominant force in the NBA's regular ball season.

While the team has spent the last couple of years rebuilding, their future looks bright. They've made one or two perceptive muster moves during the last few seasons, and have signed mythical player Kevin McHale to train the team.

Houston Dynamo, MLS Soccer Team

The Houston Dynamo are Houston's pro soccer team. The team plays in Robertson Stadium in the city of Houston and is a fan's perfect option for professional soccer in Houston. The team came into existence in 2005 as an enlargement club, but was made up of the same check-list as the defunct San Jose Earthquakes. In the 6 years the Dynamo have been in the league, the club has won 2 MLS cup championships. Without a doubt, the Dynamo offer spectators the best football in Houston.

Those interested in big league sports in Houston should have a better idea of what the Houston has to offer. The city's past has been rich with Hall of Fame players in baseball, basketball and more. With all these franchises continuing to progress and develop, the way forward for pro sports in Houston looks bright.

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