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San Diego's Best Amateur Sports

By Michael Johnson

It is little surprise that amateur sports in San Diego are a major draw for kids and adults. With year-round great weather and one of the most active populations in the U.S. , San Diego is a perfect spot for sports. From San Diego youth baseball to adult football leagues, there's something for everyone to play in the city.

Youth Baseball

San Diego youth baseball has produced some of the top groups in the country in recent times, with local squads frequently performing well in state competitions. This includes the squad from the Chula Vista Little League, which claimed the 2009 Little League World Series title with a 6-3 victory over teams from Taiwan. If your son is interested in try out for the Chula Vista Little League, do not wait to long to bring him in.

Semi Pro Football

Known as the San Diego Thunders, this youth semi pro football in San Diego team has won twice the national championship and are currently one of the best youth football teams in the country.

Adult Kickball

Adult kickball has gained in recognition across the country enjoy the mixture of competitiveness and nostalgia to a sport they played as a kid. It's become of the most popular amateur sports in San Diego for adults, with multiple leagues springing up at local parks. VAVi runs kickball leagues in different types of parks around San Diego across the year, with rules that encourage a loose, fun atmosphere. More major players can take part of leagues run by WAKA and qualify for the annually World Kickball Championship, which brings together the best kickball groups in the country to compete for a pretty serious money prize. Kickball is also a great exercise for those who want to loose weight.

Roller Hockey

When talking about hockey in the San Diego area, many adults and kids like in-line skates to roller skates. Skate San Diego offers a good range of roller hockey leagues for adults and youngsters, including hosting the only authorized highschool roller hockey league in California.

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