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Varying Perspectives On Jesus Genealogy

By Ava Hudson

Jesus genealogy is explained in two books of the New Testament. This is in the gospel of Mathew and that of Luke. These two books are clear that he was not born of man but begotten of God. He is said to have come through virgin birth by Mary into the world. There is a similarity in the description given by these two writers though minor difference exists.

Mathew traces his origin from Abraham and David to King Solomon and Jeconiah. The descendants of King David are said to have been cursed. Joseph is mentioned as the legal father with a foster role. This lineage is made up of kings.

The difference between Mathew and Luke occurs when the latter includes Nathan. He was a lesser son of David. This is important since the curse imposed on the sons of David would have affected the promise that he would be the father of nations. Joseph is a pure descendant of David. He also has a clear linkage with Adam. Differences are explained by the fact that the writers took different perspectives and their backgrounds had an influence. Two writers borrowing from different sources cannot arrive at the same conclusion.

There is a similarity in Jesus genealogy given by both Mathew and Luke especially between Abraham and David. Change occurs when David enters the scene. This difference has been explained by scholars as emanating from the approaches taken by the two writers.

Luke is said to have traced the lineage of Mary in developing his account. The lineage of Joseph informed Mathew as he recounted the history of the Son of Man. The two however converge and agree that he was a descendant of David. This explains the differences and similarities.

David is important in the history of this narrative. God had promised him that his blood would occupy the throne forever. This would not have come true if he had not come of his descendants. Joseph passes the rights to Jesus as a father and Mary through blood.

Nathan is important because he was a minor son of David. The promise made would not have been realized since God had cursed Solomon. The curse would have blocked the promised made to David. Nathan is immune to this curse. This offers a perfect opportunity for the promise to be fulfilled.

Some of the names mentioned in Jesus genealogy by Luke can be found in the Old Testament. Maccabaeus mentions such generations as Mattathias which is important in tracing the lineage back to David. The number of generations mentioned by Luke is 77. This is symbolic number for forgiveness according to Augustine, a biblical scholar.

Mathew portrays Jesus as a descendant of royalty. This drives him to uses such names as Messiah and Son of David from the onset. There is an authentic mention of women like Ruth, Mary and Rehab who are also found in the Old Testament.

Jesus genealogy omits several kings in succession. This is viewed as a way of cleaning this lineage of wicked persons who would rather not be associated with the Son of God. It is therefore viewed as deliberate. A clear picture can be gotten when one compares biblical accounts with historical accounts of the Jews.

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