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Different Traits Of Mongoose Mountain Bikes

By Martin Burnside

Cycling has taken off as a sport and recreational activity, which means now is a great time to purchase a new bike. However, there are so many different kinds to choose from that some people can be overwhelmed and confused. This is why it is best to know about the different styles of Mongoose mountain bikes before making a decision about which one to purchase.

The first style of bicycle is the trail bike, which is not only the most common style but probably the one most people should use. The trail bike is the workhorse of mountain bikes with a heavier frame that is built to go up and down hills, but it is also fine on the road or track. This is probably the most versatile style and the one most people will choose.

Riders that like to go really fast should consider the advantages of a hardtail bike. This model does not have any type of rear suspension, so it is lighter but not designed to go over rough terrain. Riders that want to go fast and spend most of their time riding on smooth roads should consider this style of bicycle.

Another unique model that is popular with some riders is the dirtjump style of bike. These are designed for riders that like to ride on dirt tracks and do the occasional jump. They have smaller frames, firm suspension and usually only have a rear brake, so they are not for everyone.

It is not uncommon to see young riders out there, especially with so many parents looking for ways to get their kids to exercise. There are many different youth models that will suit younger riders that have unique needs. These bikes are made very light, have smaller frames and will often come in a more exciting range of colors.

The most important thing when purchasing a new bicycle is that the rider chooses one that fits their needs. If the person does a lot of trail riding or jumps, they might need better suspension, while street riders can go more lightweight and will not require heavy duty shocks.

Regardless of the style of rider there are Mongoose mountain bikes that will suit their needs. With so many different models to choose from riders are certain to find one that has all of the specifications that they desire. With the addition of a few custom parts the rider can craft a bike that is unique and serves whatever purpose they need, from dirt jumping to racing.

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