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Some Of The Latest Bible Prophecy News

By Ava Hudson

On December 21, 2012, news spread across the globe as people prepared for the last days as the world was supposed to have ended on this date. A certain author claimed that this date came from the Bible itself in the form of a code. He later confirmed his speculations with the Mayan calendar which ended on the date mentioned above.

Of course it was another false prediction as nothing happened on the anticipated day. However, the latest Bible prophecy news continues to show signs predicted in the Word of God.

The biggest project of the World Bank is to create one currency for all countries because the gold system has proven to not be as efficient as it used to be in the past years. If one would read the book of Revelations, he would read about the Antichrist forming a one world government which also means that a one world currency will be implemented. Although the World Bank dreams of this, it will take a good leader to be able to implement it first.

Israel has always been a guide point for experts who are studying Revelations because the Jews were the first people of God. During the past, God punished them for their sins and until today, they have a hard time getting back up. Revelations did state that when they rise again, the end is near.

More evidence shows that the sun may also affect the life of the earth. Recently, NASA has spotted a number of really big sun spots on the sun that are more than twice the size of earth. Take note that because of these disturbances in the sun, the world has been constantly having natural calamities. In fact, the book of Luke mentioned that in the end time, the sun will show numerous signs.

There have been news that a meteorite crashed into a frozen lake in Russia and injured quite a number of people. Obviously, a meteor hitting the earth is already a sign of the end of times. Revelations even states this happening as a star that will fall into the earth and kill many men.

Pestilence is also doing his job as one of the Four Horsemen in this era. He is the one responsible for spreading epidemics and pandemics like SARS and swine flu. Recently, he has spread a new virus called the Corona virus and it has quickly been infecting people in Britain. Doctors in the country have already isolated three confirmed patients.

War is also becoming inevitable as more and more countries have been acquiring nuclear powered weapons. When these weapons are unleashed upon each other, then most likely World War III will start and destroy the earth. Revelations has already stated that war will start when kingdoms will rise against other kingdoms.

Basically, those are the latest Bible prophecy news. Although no one can really predict when exactly the world will cease to exist, signs are showing that it will be soon. Many events that were predicted in the Holy Book are already coming true.

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