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College Sports in Dallas

By Hilde Vanhelder

At the moment, all the college sports in Dallas are being played at the Souththern Methodist University, including football, basketball and soccer. The teams play at the Division 1 in the US.

College Football

The Southern Methodist University Mustangs are trying to win a championship since 1982. They have a top football team now and have great chances of setting a new record for the Uiversity. They will be playing at the Gerald J Ford Stadium, with over thirty thousand seats for fans and followers to enjoy the team.

College Basketball

The Southern Methodist University basketball team was able to create winning groups from the 1930s to the 1990s, but have fought to field a winning team since that time. The Southern Methodist Mustang basketball team has won 14 conference championships and made a last 4 appearance in 1956. Southern Methodist hasn't won a conference championship since 1993, and have continued to struggle to build a winning team. The Mustangs basketball team play all the home games at Moody Coliseum, which holds just under 9000 folks.

College Soccer

The team with the newest success at Southern Methodist University would be the soccer team. The Southern Methodist University football team plays all their home games at Westcott Stadium, which hold just over four thousand people. From 1985 to 2011, the Southern Methodist soccer team has made the NCAA competition all but 3 seasons.

Southern Methodist was also capable of making the NCAA championship game in 2k and 2005, but weren't able to win everytime. The Southern Methodist University soccer team has continually been ranked as the top team in the country and had 1 or 2 undefeated seasons, but their first State Championship has alluded them.

College soccer in Dallas should be continued to be played at the top quality, and it's only a question of time before Southern Methodist brings a National Championship to Dallas.

College Hockey

The hot weather found in Dallas has made it tricky for Dallas college hockey to build a winning team. The great majority of the quality college hockey groups are found in the coldest climates as it makes it easier to practice your abilities. College hockey is slowly turning into a nationwide sport and Southern Methodist continues to try to build a winning convention.

Dallas college hockey is just at the start stages of building a winning team, so it will take a little time to catch up with the rest of the country.

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