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UK Football and Professional Sports in Brighton

By Sally Sells

Professional sports in Brighton have been well respected in the town for a number of years. Through the rugby, cricket and football clubs in the area, Brighton pro sports are a thing worthy of viewing. Brighton's professional sports are what help the city flourish, and the pride that their sportsmen and sports fans show is why these sports have been able to be such a success over so many years.

Brighton & Hove Albion Football

Of the pro sports in Brighton, Brighton football may be the most well-known. The city's famous professional team is Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. They played at the Goldstone Ground for 95 years, but in 1997 they were compelled to sell so as to help pay off debt. 2 years later, the club returned to the city of Brighton, playing in the Withdean Athletics Stadium.

This was only a temporary move though, as in 2011 they permanently made the move to Falmer. In 1979, the Brighton & Hove Albion FC was promoted to the Football League First Division for the very first time and stayed there for four years. In the last of these seasons they made it to the FA Cup finals before falling to Manchester in the finals by four goals. When talking of premiere sports in Brighton, Brighton football is always at the top of the list.

Brighton Blues Rugby Club

Brighton rugby is also a popular and well played sport in the Brighton area. The Brighton Blues rugby club was founded in 1868 and is one of the oldest rugby clubs in all of the UK. Brighton rugby professes to be one of the most inspiring clubs on the south coast. The club is understood and respected nationally. During the past 2 years, the club has won 2 league promotions and 2 National Cups.

The Brighton Blues Rugby Club plays in the beautiful setting of South Down which alone is an absolute must see when visiting the area. Brighton Blues Rugby Club also makes a claim to have one of the best training facilities in all of the world.

Brighton Cricket Club

Brighton cricket is also famous and respected in the area. The club has been off and on at the professional level. They were the recognized because they played four first class matches in the initial start up in 1792. They first played at the Prince of Wales Ground, yet the land was sold shortly after and the team moved their home cross city to Temple Fields. The Brighton Cricket club regularly represented all of Sussex as they played 49 major matches on the grounds of Sussex CCC.

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