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Fishing for Shrimps in Taiwan

By Jonny Blair

Friday night in Taiwan meant another amazing chance to do something new and tonight we went for Shrimp Fishing! It was only 150 Taiwan Dollars!

The shrimp fishing was a bit difficult to find at first - a shy hidden venue. But once we found it and got inside it was excellent. A great experience. Firstly we got our rods and a few beers then we sat down ready to catch them. Every one you catch, you get to eat!

Price was 150 Taiwan Dollars which includes your rod and your bait (small fish). Grab a beer and sit and relaxing waiting to catch some shrimps! It's the same price no matter if you catch 2 or 29!!

Neil and I also had a Taiwan Beer in there, this alone cost 100 dollars, almost the same price as unlimited shrimp fishing. My goal at the start of the night was simple - I just wanted to catch at least one shrimp that was all. When we arrived at the seats next to David and Binh, they had already caught 2 shrimps. Binh was doing well and caught another one while I was getting my bait ready. Basically there are two hooks, and you can attach as little or as much fish bait to each hook as you want. The problem is, if you put 6 on there, the shrimp may be able to eat the bait without getting caught on the hook. I put two fish bait on each hook and using the holder put my rod into the water near the others.

As Neil and I sipped on beer we realised this was some kind of random night that would be remembered. I knew it was special. I had never been fishing before, of any description and here we were fishing for Shrimps in the city of Shinying! Looking into the murky green water you could see the shrimps. The owner of the centre obviously fill the water up with shrimps to ensure we catch them. Where there were bubbles there were shrimps basically and we moved our rods accordingly.

When one of our rods bent down towards the water, you knew a shrimp was chewing the bait and it was a case of choosing the right moment to pull your rod up, hoping the shrimp wouldn't fall off. Hoping the shrimp was caught, Hoping the shrimp would make it into the fish net, which already contained quite a few shrimps. Ugly white and pink creatures these. I certainly had never seen or eaten one before. Soon I'd be doing both.

Neil got a yank and pulled up his first shrimp. It puts up a bit of a fight but soon you'll have it in your net. I noticed that my bait was gone at one point - a shrimp had eaten it but not been caught yet.

But alas it didn't take too much longer until I finally caught my shrimp!! I was happy! I felt it tugging, tanked it slowly up and then preceeded to drop it on the floor before securing it into my net! Job done - I caught a shrimp in Taiwan.

In total we had managed to catch about 10 shrimps which wasn't too bad - it was our first time doing it. The locals are excellent at it - they seemed to catch a lot. Must be a trick to it and a case of practice makes perfect. Now we had the shrimps it was time to cook and eat them!

You just place them uder the grill and cook them on both sides. After 20 minutes or so (maybe earlier) they were looking crispy and ready. We took it in turns to remove the shell and go straight for the large bit of white meat in the middle. Neil felt it tasted like chicken. I felt they just tasted like generic salty seafood. That was the only ingredient to the killed shrimps - salt. Soon our shrimp fishing night was over, and what a random enjoyable way to spend a Friday evening! I'd recommend it.

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