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Choosing The Best Quarterback Shoulder Pads

By Katy Dinardi

Children and adults that play football need to take precautions against the number of injuries that could occur during the game, after all, it is a violent sport that can be potentially dangerous if people do not take the right precautions. Those that play skill positions like quarterback, running back and wide receiver may need special gear to give them increased mobility.

There are some things to look for in quarterback shoulder pads that will help ensure the player makes the correct choice.

When choosing gear players should realize that there are many different kinds of equipment for different sized players and for each different position. The best shoulder pads will keep the player safe, but will not slow them down, so most gear will be lighter than for other positions.

They can be forty percent lighter, so players will not lose mobility in the quest for protection.

Some quarterbacks, especially those that do a lot of running, look for the type of pad that is often used by running backs. This style still remains lightweight but is also built to handle more punishment than other types. The only problem with this style is that the quarterback might be too constrained when trying to throw.

Another option for mobile quarterbacks is to use a defensive back pad. These are also lightweight and probably offer a better range of motion than some other options. Also, since they are high impact shoulder pads they should offer more protection against big hits.

Those that are seeking even more protection can look into items like rib protectors. Rib protectors cover exposed areas and offer a lot more protection from injuries to the chest and ribs.

They come in a lot of sizes, styles and models so players need to pick one that is comfortable and fits them well.

When player are choosing their gear they should remember that safety is one of the most important parts of football. Younger players are especially vulnerable to injury so extra care should be taken when choosing their equipment. Players that use gear that does not fit or is not the right style can increase their chances of getting hurt.

When picking out quarterback shoulder pads there are a number of things to consider. Players should try to get lightweight gear that offers plenty of mobility, but still gives them the protection required to avoid injury. With the right equipment the player can enjoy the game safely, while still getting the most out of their ability.

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