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Having Confidence To Safeguard Others From Danger

By Wanda F Megyese

I thought being the prey of molesters was traumatic. Being saved by Ed ended up being much more so. And what was it he so successfully used against my assailants? A Knuckle Blaster stun gadget, I think he informed me afterwards. There was my childhood buddy, often at the receiving end of jokes while we were still small, now saving damsels in distress.

I do not know when Ed stumbled on stun weapons. Definitely, these attracted him because they were non deadly and left no irreversible harm. Discomfort, muscle spasms and also confusion, all effects of getting into contact with these self-defense guns, were just temporary to be able to give victims enough time to escape. The first time Ed utilized one, he almost went into shock himself.

Stick-thin while a still young, he has added a few pounds. However it is the air of confidence that is most obvious in my good friend. Real life wizened him. He sought after ways to safeguard himself towards bullies. This was exactly how he ended up with stun weapons.

He started out using a low voltage stun weapon so the effect was milder. Experiencing how this rescued him the very first time, he learned to be confident with his protective weapon. A few years later, his own device of choice is a knuckle stun gun.

It seems as scary as brass knuckles but is made of soft rubber skin to be able to cushion the knuckles as the stun device is worn. But this one is not for punching. Three seconds of contact on susceptible areas of the body can knock someone down due to a loss of balance.

It is made for any hand size and the integrated safety switch is easily reached by the thumb. Just like Ed, he just fired one-handed, targeting the shoulder of one attacker who just slumped due to shock and also pain.

The second got caught on the stomach and, with 950,000 volts of power, staggered back. Ed helped me up and both of us strolled away.

Thank God for the Knuckle Blaster stun gun, just my pride is in tatters. Ed is my new hero.

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