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How Adventure Racing Can Be Done By Gaming Personality

By Rob Sutter

Video game characters have a bevy of skills to be proud of and I don't think that creativity can do them enough justice. While these people may be able to break the simplistic boundaries of Mario, I don't know if anyone has truly tapped into the athletic nature that these personalities could possess. It's clear that these personalities have done well when it comes to endurance running, making them perfect for adventure racing. There are a few characters that could make it work best.

"Assassin's Creed" is a great series of games and there are multiple characters who have been throughout the titles, too. Between Altair, Ezio and Connor, though, you can choose any one of them and they'd be physically apt in any situation. They've done well in being stealthy, climbing buildings with the greatest of ease and passing by suspecting city guards without ever being found. It's these qualities that help bring these men to higher levels when it comes to physical capabilities.

While he may not come from an assassin's background himself, Nathan Drake is conditioned when going about his treasure hunting. He's someone who must traverse terrain with the utmost ease, whether it has to do with outrunning large numbers of foes or swinging from one side of the room to another without colliding with the surface below. Most people would not even think of going about such actions but Drake shows little fear on the matter and I have to wonder if he even understands the meaning of fear.

Would these men be able to prove themselves in the realm of adventure racing? I think that they would be able to excel and prove themselves as the most primed of physical specimens one can imagine. They have been able to prove their worth in other environments but seeing them compete with another may prove to be interesting. Spartan Race is home to competitors who will push themselves beyond limits, making these characters the ideal choices for people competing in these events.

These are the sorts of athletes which have done the best work imaginable concerning adventure racing. It isn't as though people have to be physically apt, either, but it helps if you can use it alongside work ethic. What if you're afraid of putting forth the best effort and don't feel like this kind of event suits you? That isn't something you have to worry about, though, because even those who may not have considered themselves athletics in the past could still do well in these events.

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