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Why Nathan Drake Should Look To Commuter Bikes

By Rob Sutter

Commuter bikes boast a litany of benefits that I am sure people would love to utilize. While I'm sure most people simply see this as a way of moving about, I think these same folks have to see how helpful they are in terms of athletics as well. Keeping fit is one of the most necessary things in the world and these have the ability to help people each good physical condition. This is especially true for Nathan Drake, whose job practically entails physical fitness.

As I've seen throughout the "Uncharted" series, it's apparent that Nathan Drake is not shy about showing just how wide his abilities go. He can travel between rooftops as easily as he can across terrain which features several ledges. To say that there is an obstacle that can stop him may just be a bit of a lie.

He can care for himself well and it shows in how physical he can be at the job. What about the benefits of other potential means of exercise, though?

Who's to say that Drake couldn't somehow make use out of commuter bikes? After all, he's been in the treasure hunting business since he was a child and I have all of the reason in the world to believe that this could only help him to keep in shape further. It goes without saying that biking authorities like Linus Bike specialize in a series of bicycles, each one tailor made for different purposes. Drake is going to need one which can withstand any terrain.

I could imagine him using such a bike to a great degree as a child. He's been looking into treasure hunting ever since he was a boy and, as a result, his skills had to become build on over the course of time. He wasn't always a master at breaking and entering before stealing the riches which others possessed, after all.

Drake would have had to learn and if he was being chased down by irate officers, chances are that such a bike would be able to help him hightail it away from trouble quickly.

In order for Drake to continue his job of seeking out the world's most valuable treasures, he is going to have to stay in shape. There are many ways to do exactly that but I feel as though commuter bikes can be the most useful. He has plenty of physical tonnage and the fact that there are many ways to stay in shape only helps me recommend these bikes that much more. These vehicles can only help him along further in the way of being the most prime physical specimen he can be.

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