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Browning Gun Safes, Feature Rich Security

By Matt Arnold

Browning has been producing gun safes for the past 30 years. They have vastly expanded the number of models, features and colors available. Any owner can create a Browning gun safe that both fits his specific needs and offers excellent security. Currently, Browning safes come in a variety of series: The Pro Series, Sporter Series, and Tactical Mark III Series.

The Pro Series is new and one of the securest safes on the market. Browning's patent pending MAX bolts have 12 times more surface area engaging the frame. This makes them 4 times stronger than round bolts. Prestige and Pinnacle model safes have a locking mechanism that turns 3 times easier than standard safes. Pro Series safes offer all the best Browning features associated with ProSteel.

Sporter Series safes are for entry-level buyers. They are made from 12 gauge steel, have 1 inch locking bolts, a patented Force Deflector Locking Mechanism, and have reinforced door frames. These features combined offer amazing security. An optional electronic lock is available. Lastly, Sporter series safes have DPX Storage patented by Browning. DPX Storage expands the amount and convenience of space available.

The Tactical Mark III (or MP) Series is also made of 12 gauge steel and can be purchased in a 23 or 33 cubic foot size. This series offers a fire protection rating of up to 1200 degrees and 45 minutes. The DPX Storage System includes loops for standard length shotguns and rifles and lower loops to accommodate carbines, tactical shotguns, and other modern sporting arms.

Browning is a leader in innovation. Its first innovation's were in providing optimal security. Specifically, doors were made difficult to bend or pry by increasing the door's rigidity. The bolts were made immovable when hammered by introducing a vault type cam lock. Force to the bolts goes to a cam rather than the locking mechanism. Lastly, fire protection increased by layering insulation and eliminating gaps.

Browning storage capacity is perhaps the most advanced design as well. Specifically, the DPX (Duo-Plus Extra) storage system allows for storing long guns and handguns on interior of the safe door. Small valuables and additional guns can also be stored on the back of the door using pouches and pockets.

Another exclusive feature of Browning ProSteel safes is the new DPX Scope Saver feature which protects optics mounted on your long guns inside the space of the door. This frees up space and ensures that time invested in sighting-in a scope isn't lost.

Lastly, the AXIS Adjustable Shelving system is one of the most advanced systems available. Shelves can be moved horizontally or vertically. This maximizes the interior space. Traditional shelves are fixed or limited to only being adjusted vertically. All premium Browning ProSteel safes offer the AXIS adjustable shelves. Some models can be fitted with additional shelves to create an all-shelf interior.

As you can see, Browning gun safes are way ahead of nearly any competitor. Most safes cannot begin to rival Browning quality, convenience, and security. With 30 years of innovation they are a company you can count on for keeping your valuables safe.

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