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A Commuter Bike & Its Therapeutic Approach

By Rob Sutter

If you ask anyone why they exercise, you're most likely going to get a number of responses. Some of them enjoy the burn that comes with going about rigorous activity and they enjoy doing it time and time again as well. Others do it because they need to get in shape, whether they decide on it themselves or a doctor gives them the advice to do so. While a commuter bike seems to fit in the realm of exercise as well, I believe it can also function as a way of therapy.

While I do not recommend riding a commuter bike during shoddy weather, it's something that can easily be done within nicer climates. Make sure that you go outside and see that the weather is reasonably sunny and that there are minimal clouds in the sky.

I think that companies along the lines of Linus Bike are in the business to market cycles to people because of these kinds of days. It's just not the same going out to ride while it seems like rain can come about at any moment.

Maybe you desire an experience that is relaxing and this kind of bike can allow that. You don't have to put yourself in the mindset of a competition since there is no one that you're in contention with during this activity. Make sure that you conserve your energy and don't tire yourself out if you want this idea of therapy to be even stronger.

You want to be able to take in the air around you, which can only help to positively influence this activity you can take part in.

What if you feel uncertain about riding for the sake of therapy, even though a part of you still wants to go about it? If this is the case, then I would recommend that you bring along someone who you're close to since a friend or family member can be great for moral support.

You may be able to help each other out, in fact, since you both are doing it for the same reason at that point. Performing in pairs seems to lift the weight off of the shoulders of both participants.

Bike riding is useful when it comes to getting in shape but anyone will tell you that there is more to it than that. For example, commuter biking possesses a sense of relaxation that is hard to get from just about anywhere else. You want to be able to travel at a pace all your own and not worry about competing to match someone else. This is not an activity that is made for that; your ultimate relaxation is the ultimate goal.

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