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The Practice and Use of Chi in the Martial Arts

By Al Case

When it comes to building that thing called chi energy, tai chi kung fu is one of the best. What's interesting is that the principles used in that martial art can be used in Karate, taekwondo, aikido, or whatever. The central principles being utilized, you see, are pretty universal.

One of the first drills one might encounter, if one finds a good tai chi chuan system, is 'holding the bowl.' This is an easy drill, at least for the first couple of One simply assumes an hourglass stance, back very slightly rounded, and positions the arms as if holding a large pot.

The first challenge in this stance is that of the mental aspect. One's mind starts to have thoughts, and these thoughts are a distraction. Once one has dedicated himself to getting past this phenomena, the mind thoughts start to disappear.

The second challenge in doing this drill is physical in nature. After sixty minutes or so, the body tends to get riled. It doesn't want to run energy through it, it doesn't want the discipline, and it will shake and shimmy and and even try to get sick.

So you ignore the mind, and you ignore the body, and you concentrate on the stillness of the mind (listening to the universe around you), and moving energy through the physical body. After a short while in the holding the bowl posture one will start to feel energy, and there are many things you can do with this energy. You can move it around the bowl, you can channel it through the major meridian running through the center of the front and back of the body, and you can do other things.

What is of importance is that this exercise has martial arts effects. After becoming practiced at this posture, doing the karate pattern called Sanchin will show amazing amounts of chi power. One's martial arts abilities will truly start to grow and manifest.

This posture, incidentally, is one of the major ten hands positions, as outlined in 'The Perfect Technique,' (Quality Press). Thus, it becomes a centerpost for advanced martial arts studies. The concept of this book is that there are only ten positions the arms can be in that will 'run' energy, and that the position of the arms in the 'holding the bowl' posture, as practiced in tai chi Kung Fu, is the first and possibly the most crucial of these arm positions.

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On Hiring A Towboat Pilots Guide

By Bridgette Conway

Look for the license of the towboat pilots guide. The person hired for the service must be a professional. You cannot leave the job to a non professional who does not possess a license to do the service. The license of the individual can be checked with the local licensing agency. The local licensing agency can provide information about the status of the professional license of the individual and whether the license is applicable for use within the local area.

The local licensing agency keeps records of professionals regarding their license. So they are the best resource when it come to finding out about licenses of the professionals. If the professional did not pass the board examination for the profession, then obviously he is not qualified for the job yet.

It only means that he still lacks in his training and the knowledge he has about driving ships is not yet sufficient or equivalent to that of a professional or an expert. For someone to be called an expert, a license must be earned first. Otherwise, you may have to go back to school and study more in order for you to become an expert and pass the state board examination for it.

It would be useless if he does not observe professionalism in the work place or in the job. In his dealings with customers and with his employer and in doing the job, he must exhibit professionalism. Professionalism in the work place is very important for the completion of the job.

They should be someone who knows that it takes to be really good in this job and the qualifications that are need in the job. A qualified individual can take on the responsibilities of the job and deal with the challenges that come with it. It is required that the professional can deal with other people in the work place.

It is always important to verify the credentials of the applicant. Information found in the credentials of the applicant must be cross referenced to find out if they are true or not. The applicant must provide references for his past works.

Any person who is not so adept with the internet can navigate through easily the website. The bureau also lists businesses that are accredited by them. With the bureau's accreditation, you can highly depend on these businesses. They are reputable so running problems with these businesses is slim.

It is necessary for him to get along with other workers of the company. He is not the only person in the company and there are other personalities in the place of work that he encounters in the performance of his service in case he is hired for the job. He must not have past records of insubordination because that would be a great demerit in his evaluation for this job.

It is important for the employee to be able to follow instructions. Also, he should not have any problems accepting orders from bosses who are younger than him. In short, he is secure enough of himself that he does not mind being bossed around by younger colleagues in the ship. It is possible to have younger towboat pilots guide and supervisors in the vessel.

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Advantages Of A Martial Arts Association Member

By Erna Gutierrez

Martial arts is said to be and art of waging war, or an art of combat. It consists of movements both for offensive and defensive purposes. There are several types of martial arts namely, Tae Kwon Do, Tai chi, Kung Fu, Karate and so on. It could also be characterized in three categories, depending on its major movement, striking such as Muay thai, Grappling like Juddo, and weaponry such as Kendo. There are countless of movement and types of it which made it quite necessary to form a Martial Arts Association.

Those that practice such tradition fighting movements are called martial artists. There is a wide variety of movements actually but it can be separated into groups such as strikes, weapons training or grappling. With strikes it can include kung fu, muay thai, taekwondo, capoeira, savate and wing chun. Weaponry includes, fencing, jukendo, eskrima, kendo, gatka, kali.

On the other hand, grappling are movements that are very prominent in judo, jujitso, aikido, hapkido, glima and so on. There are still many types of fighting movements that are not listed here. And one of the main purpose of forming the organization is to unify all the artist, regardless of the movements they are very passionate about and preserve the tradition.

It is one way to destress both mind and body usually resulting to rejuvenation. If you feel like you need to be a member of a certain organization while you are learning some moves, then you may certainly do so. These organizations do not mind whether or not you are a beginner or probably own a couple of black belts already.

You will be able to receive regular invitations for training courses, workshops, conferences and championships. Nowadays, it could be pretty hard to attract students to learn some judo or karate. Especially when an xbox 360 or the internet is constantly nagging them to just stay indoors and sit in front of their computers for hours.

Other advantages of being a member includes receiving invitations for conferences, training courses, seminars workshops that will help you improve your skills. Membership benefits could also include discounts for such programs and sometimes in house conferences are actually given for free. Such benefits are in a treat.

When looking for an organization, be wary of those that seems to compete with other organization. Not only is that lame, but it also disqualifies the main purpose of forming an organization and that is to to retain the tradition and promote camaraderie. Look for an organization where members are down to earth individuals.

Searching for an organization need not to be hard. Find out what organizations are near to your area, gather information about such organization and take time to personally visit. Find an organization whose principles match perfectly with yours, if not then you will surely end up not liking the organization in the end.

The several Martial Arts Association are there to remind us that it is here for keeps. It adds formality and improves respect for this old tradition and it continues to inform people the benefits of learning a few movements.

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