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The Dream of a Commuter Bike Network

By Rob Sutter

In what ways do people typically travel from place to place? While most people find themselves traveling by car, others may take to the streets in order to walk about while others will take advantage of public transportation, no matter what the fees may be. Regardless, people have seen other ways of traveling and I think the commuter bike is a vehicle that hasn't been used prevalently. It's a shame because if a network was created specifically for this, I'm certain it would be a hit.

The formation of a commuter bike network is something that I feel should come to fruition because of how many benefits there are concerning it. There are so many methods when it comes to travel that I don't think enough people pay attention to these cycles.

It's not entirely fair because there are a good number of incentives when it comes to the reasons as to why to use them. You should focus more on authorities such as Linus Bike if you want to become better versed on the topic.

The formation of a network that cyclists can make use of could potentially produce a feeling of partnership between riders. I've been in cities and other populated areas where these bikes roam and it's like there's a bond that can't exactly be replicated anywhere else.

It's hard to describe but I think the word "camaraderie" comes to mind on the matter. Fitness may be a big selling point when using these bikes but staying unified is important as well, which is another reason why this network should be made.

While people can look outside of their windows if they're traveling by cars, I don't feel as though they're getting the entire experience of sightseeing. They're missing out being contained within a car when they can be riding those very streets on cycles. You'll be able to experience the fresh air brushing against your face as well as the scents that seem to fill each street.

Who's to say that you wouldn't even be able to learn a few things being in those areas in person and not restricted in a vehicle?

It seems like Denmark is just one of the major places that has seen superhighways being created in the name of commuter bike usage. I hope that this is only the start and that we see more populated areas take to installing such networks. Maybe New York City would be able to make use of them, provided that the city isn't too complicated to work around. I think that it would be beneficial for people, whether they have never biked in this way before or have done so without any signs of stopping.

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